Making America Laugh Again

After three successful seasons, we are planning our fourth season for 2017 and we want to do it right! This campaign is to supplement our income and help us continue to grow, expanding our new works program while continuing to produce great theatre and... Making America Laugh Again! (Because 2016 was rough on all of us.)

We are Infinite Jest Theatre Company, Los Angeles' only all comedic theatre company! Founded in late 2012, our members are all talented theatre artists. We believe that theatre should be accessible to all and is an integral part of a well-rounded society and, whatsmore, we believe that making people laugh is good, noble work that will make the world a better place, so putting our skills to work cracking jokes, making faces, talking in funny voices, and pratfalling while taking pies to the face seemed the way to go.

Infinite Jest loves to make people giggle, chuckle, guffaw, and cackle and we love what we do--making great comedic theatre!  But it only gets more challenging as arts funding continues to be cut.  The arts have the ability to bring people together, creating communities, broadening minds, and healing divides.  And of course, everyone knows that "laughter is the best medicine." By donating even just a dollar, you will be a part of that good, noble work and a distinguished patron of the arts. Make a monthly recurring gift and multiply your impact on our small band of merry makers by 12 for real, lasting impact! All donations are tax deductible. So, what are you waiting for? 

Join us as we Make America Laugh Again!

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